Precision Stone and Granite

Precision Stone and Granite

precision-stoneThese days, virtually every new kitchen or bathroom built features granite. Homeowners are selecting it for its beauty, durability and ease of maintenance. But it’s not often that homeowners have the opportunity to examine and hand-select the perfect granite for that new kitchen or bath. It’s even rarer to see that same perfect piece being installed. Yet this supreme customer service is the foundation of Precision Stone and Granite, Inc. Kevin Andrus, owner of the company, says he’s pleased that “Precision offers Acadiana one of the finest and largest inventories of granite and marble. With a stock as large as ours, we can provide our clients with a natural stone that beautifully matches their vision for the home.

Part of granite’s appeal, explains Kevin, is that it provides a wide variety of hues to complement even the most subtle colors in a home’s interior palette. Just as importantly, people choose granite because it doesn’t hold dangerous bacteria and is harder to scratch than other surfaces. Granite is now as affordable as many synthetic materials, but the beauty of the natural stone far outlasts its man-made counterpart. “We offer a lifetime warranty on our granite,” says Kevin. After 17 years in business, Precision’s client base has come to appreciate his large inventory stocked with granite and other natural stone from a variety of local wholesalers. It’s important to Kevin that customers see the product to ensure they get what they want. He explains, “Customers don’t want surprises when it comes to the materials they use in their homes. And if we don’t happen to have what a customer wants in stock we’ll special order any type of natural stone.”

Precision Stone offers a fair price to its customers. All quotes for granite slabs found on the yard includes cut, fabricated and installed. Customers come in to see their template and view the layout of the granite. The fabricators at Precision are fully qualified to work with a wide array of natural stone, specializing in quartzite, marble, onyx and exclusive, elegant granite.

Of course, getting the desired product to the client is priority one for Kevin, but he doesn’t stop there. To ensure that homeowners enjoy the beauty of their selection for years, Kevin had chemists develop Stone Cure exclusively for Precision. The convenient biodegradable spray simultaneously seals, enhances and disinfects. It’s the ideal product to maintain granite countertops and showers. While Kevin and Precision are
“Precision offers Acadiana one of the finest and largest inventories of granite and marble.” gratified by their successful business, they’re more pleased to see satisfied customers. And, judging by the accolades they’ve received, they have many satisfied customers. The Better Business Bureau chose Kevin Andrus as one of the finalists for the Outstanding New Business Award. He was also awarded the Presidential Award by the Acadian Home Builders Association President in 2014 for his commitment and generosity to the AHBA Home for the Holiday’s project.

Simply stated, “We just want to make our customers happy and keep them that way.” Judging by the Precision’s success over the last seventeen years, it seems they’ve done that and more.

For more information on how Precision Stone and Granite can help you find the perfect natural stone elements for your home, contact Kevin Andrus at 337.233.6176.